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26 February 2008

लहरी short quotes! (do not plagiarise, please!!!)

"Contemplation" is not the end-result and is neither a beginning... There exists an infinite loop basically -->>
We draw lines and create a domain. We observe, analyze and propose a theory. Borders are never rigid, so is our domain! Therefore, we can never define scope of our theory, and this theory is no exception.... :)
My life is an open book..... only thing is that you need to learn reading between the lines! :)
(Update: you need to keep reading between the lines! :D)
Oh! As if being irrational was not enough!!! :(( It gets serious when people start becoming unreasonable!
Alright.... Perhaps I am an idiot who bothered to be reasonable to not -so-reasonable ones!
(I wrote this when I was having a real bad day!!!)
How are you able to "wash" your hands? In the back of your mind, haven't you "assumed" that the soap is not gonna get dirty? (Doesn't make any sense... i know...)
हक्काचं माणूस मानणे आणि गृहीत धरणे ह्यात फरक असतो... तो जाणा आणि मग काय ते बोला! :P
मी शहाणा, सभ्य, अभ्यासू, हुशार असा बराच काहीबाही नाहीय्ये... (Orkut profile name)
I am now an ENGINEE_ (7/8 sems officially over!)
We humans are no different than bedbugs.... We do prefer darkness!!!
....and we are intelligent enough to use "facts" to conceal " the truth" and say that the Truth is always relative...

As a matter of fact, "The truth" is never relative, we confine ourself to a single perspective!
"Misunderstanding" is just another sort of understanding, so better policy is to forget and forgive! :)
Let life say whatever, reply back smiling! :)
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