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20 July 2009

Crappy song!

This is not a love song,
Not a song a family could sing along
No childs play, not even a rap,
Expect nothing but a whole lot crap!

Yeah u bastards, go ahead and laugh it off,
or turn ur back at me, or ask me to fuck off

You never cared a shit, n' now d world's gonna explode
why me pessimistic? well, seen a life running in safe mode?

We talk about democracy, and brag about justice
oh ya' expert in hypocracy, where's the fucking peace?

I don't understand whats exactly wrong with this world
I see everything's so perfect, n' yet there's blood!

"Just another preaching song" you say, n' ignore as you go
But i dont care abt this anymore, have told u already so!
Wanted to write something aggressive, somewhat abusive too, just for the heck of it, and managed to write all this with complete peace of mind last night. :) Yeah, believe me...! nothing went bad that day, n' even I don't know why I felt an urge to challenge myself to write something that would suit a rock genre, but I did it finally! :)

This is one of those instances where literally you drive yourself to an urge, so I won't be surprised to get bashing on quality/genre of this post। In essence, feel free to put your comments on this crappy song! :)