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10 October 2009


NDE (near death experience)

Where the shadows would walk,
and you can't even catch up!
Would almost hear the air scream,
but no storm, or even a breeze to face up!
You lie there all numb, not really sure why,
Dark creepy woods, n' a bloodcurdling red eye

It looks at you straight,
and drags you deep into your mind
Never thought this would be so scary
Bet you wish you never had to find!

No clue where you are headed,
never knew what lies in the past
A sudden illumination
-why linguistically called a "tense",
this freakishly universal time-space cast!

You realize few things,
but you're as numb as before
Have to speak up, but blacked out,
n' left all alone ashore

You open your eyes slowly,
Waves barely touch the dry feet
That's what they do the best,
Come back, run away, and they cheat!

You engage yourself discerning,
the last drop of each wave
Suddenly one grows and takes you in,
and now there's nobody to save!

You suffocate to death,
n' then you are too eager to die
suddenly you are at the cliff,
an edge that is way too high!!!

Thrown into the infinitely deep abyss,
you feel freed from all bounds
Such a revelation, such a sublime exaltation,
You forget all the wounds!

You feel there all yourself weightless,
roaming like a free spirit
A near-death experience? you wonder,
n' you lose it all to your wit

Suddenly something rings up,
it wakes you up from your bed
Wait!!! Is this is what is real,
or a parallel life ahead?