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27 January 2011

होसाना मराठी रूपांतरण :)

हे हृदय, बंध ते... तुटूनही!
सा..SS द घालते, जळते अजूनही!
"पहा"...ट झाली आणि
"पाह"..ता तेव्हा तुला
मन असे बावरले!
गोंधळले, वेंधळले
सारवले, सावरले
तरी भरकटतहरवले!

होसाना, मर्यादा ओलांडल्या जिथे,
होसाना, माझ्या आता हाती कुठे?
मी हरलो
..की जिंकलो
त्याचा तरी आता इथे पत्ता कुठे?

होसाना, जगणे ते कळले मला
होसाना, घाबरणे आता कोणा?
होसाना, अपवाद तो तुझ्या मना
(Rap) Everybody wanna know what I feel like? I feel like
I really wanna be here with you
Its not enough to say that we are made for each other
Its love that is hosanna true
Hosanna, be there when you're calling out my name
Hosanna, meaning of my whole life has changed
I never wanna be the same.. its time we re-arrange
I take a step... you take a step...
Me ah... calling out to you
hello helllo hello yo o hosanna
जग सारे भवताली
रुपेरी रुपेरी
सौंदर्य ते कोठून आले?
तुझ्या नजरेने
कधी ते मोहरले असावे,
की स्पर्शाने थरारले?

होसाना, स्पष्टीकरण दुसरे ते काय?
होसाना, प्रश्नाचे उत्तर या काय?
तुझ्याच त्या प्रेमात,
अन त्या नादात
तेही वेडे, जग वेडं
लोक वेडे, आम्हीही वेडे!

होसाना, व्यक्त करायला मला
होसाना, शब्द का ते सुचेनात!
होसाना, शब्दांनाही आहे सीमा....
(हे हृदय, बंध ते... तुटूनही! सा..SS द घालते, जळते अजूनही!)

Waiting for your comments :)

23 January 2011

Video background score (my very first)

A few months back, wife of a friend of mine was supposed to present a video to her professor and audience as part of her project. Their project was about a software that alerts you whenever a synced blue-tooth compatible device gets out of its range (say you happen to forget your headset). I was asked if I could spare some time making background score and I was shown the video she made.

Here's what I came up with. Single layer, simple tunes! Since video was of animation genre, I came up with something that would rather suite a video-game, but (hopefully) adhering to the emotions/mood it had to convey along the way. :)

Thanks for your time :)