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14 July 2008

आज का दिन बहुत बुरा था!!!:(( :((

महा pathetically वाईट दिवस होता आजचा... म्हणजे हे आत्ता काहीसं थोड्या वेळापासनं वाटायला लागलं आहे. सकाळी गेलो project certificate घ्यायला तर ते काम ह्या ना त्या कारणाने झालं नाही... (कारणही तसं म्हणायला शुल्लकच, basically bureaucracy!). नंतर जेवण करून (आणि नंतरची डुलकी घेण्याची इच्छा झटकून :( ) चेम्बूरला reportची order दिलेली परत घ्यायला गेलो, तर golden embossing ची quality सुमार निघाली. त्यातत्या हुशार माणसाने "D. report binding Tech." degree बहाल केली मला. B-> D प्रिंटिंग चुकेमुळे माझं ट्रेन्स change करून गेलेलं जाणं वाया ठरलं. ( म्हणजे आता उदया परत जाणं आलं!) दरम्यान शिवाजी पार्क ला राउंड मारायला एका मैत्रिणीला (:D) अणि नंतर दुसऱ्या मित्राला फ़ोन केला तर दोघेही आजच नेमके busy! मग आत्ता ऑनलाइन आलोय तर त्या certificate साठीची फोर्मलिटी पूर्ण करायला जो सरांना ईमेल टाकला, त्यावर त्यांचा काहीसा negative reply आलाय, तो reply दत्त म्हणून inboxमधे हजर! म्हणजे certificate मिळेल पण उशिरा मिळणार असं दिसतंय.... एवढा वेळ डोकं फिरलं नव्हतं, पण आत्ता वाटतंय 'छ्या यार, आज का दिन ही ख़राब था!!!'

त्यातल्या त्यात समाधानाची बाब एवढी की आज शाळेतल्या दोस्तांशी बर्याच वेळ गप्पा झाल्या ... तसं तास-२तास बोलणं विशेष नाहीय्ये माझ्यासाठी, पण दिवस वाईट गेल्यानंतरचे फ़ोन काहीसे वेगळे ठरतात. मूड फ्रेश होउन जातो एकदम! :)

04 July 2008

Most of the Toppers are the most inefficient people

(The basic theme of the following post struck to me some 6 months ago. I was on my way to the lab for final year project work, so I couldn't write whatever was going on in my mind then. I, after a week or so, tried writing it down but the original flow was all lost. Despite my several attempts, I couldn't quite bring it back to the form --the way I speculated the first time. This post has merely been a "saved draft" since then, and I give up now!!! :( It was supposed to be funny, but all that I can call it is pseudo-technical and a very boring post!!! :(( "

"Most of the Toppers are the most inefficient people"

I see some eyebrows going up there.... :P

But if you are amongst those who don't study regularly, never complete journals in time, do not submit at least one assignment per subject per semester and still manage to get score that is well *above average*, then you know what you are! Yes, we are the most efficient, intelligent people around!!!

As you would agree, marks do not truly reflect anyone's intelligence..
ummm, wait... I would say marks do *reflect* our intelligence, but one shouldn't apply simple comparative equations in absolute sense here i.e. A>B does not imply f(A)>f(B), where A,B are marks and f(x) is a statistics based function that is intelligence determined over the score x. According to me, intelligence represents knowledge + optimization of efforts, and the most meritorious student, according to this definition, scores around 85% of what the topper scores, as I will elaborate later. Remember, everything is statistic based, the trend that is generally observed, so please don't insist on taking a particular case and start debating. :P In other words, please don't take it too personally! :P :P
So, Intelligence = knowledge (K) expressed, but with optimization of study.

Now, marks (m) give us a brief idea about the parameter K of a candidate, which in turn depends on extent of your preparation at the time of exam. But remember, m ≠ K, because:
1. Having only in-depth knowledge of the subject is not sufficient to get good score, u know!
2.Even if your K is tending to 0, you don't have to get 0 marks right? Remember our usual tricks and trades? (No, I am not talking about copying man, I am too miserable in that regard! :P).

Here we come to optimization of efforts I was talking about, illustrated below:
1. If we don't know the answer, we write something that is absurd or remotely related to what is asked but is a topic we have prepared well when its a subjective question.
2. We "smartly" guess the answer if its an objective type question...
3. One would agree, to score high, candidate needs to choose a question that is easier/shorter to attempt.
4. Should answer what is asked and not write everything that he knows.
5. Forget the "good handwriting" rule! (Mine is bad anyway!) Sometimes, its better to deteriorate it purposefully if you are writing down your final answer to a mathematical problem, or in case of spellings about which you are not very sure.
Tip for youngsters: Practice "ambiguous writing". Start with simpler pairs 1-7, S-5, u-v, a-d,f-t, g-q. I am sure, with practice, you will manage to bring ambiguity amongst any damn pair of characters from any of the script the humanity has ever seen.
6. One needs to have vague but clever writing skills, intelligent guesswork, understanding of the examiners psychology. (गणपतिला दुर्वाच लागतात, तिथे शंकरासठीचं दूध वाहून चालत नाही :) ) and ofcourse, a bad hand writing.

Now to test this optimization of efforts, lets express input (study) and output (score) graphically and solve it for the best possible optimal solution। (Generally, toppers give their 100%, So normalization is done based on those parameters)

Maximum efficiency: We have also plotted Efficiency= output/input. It is maximum (tending into infinity) for input=0.

But we observe that for small values of input, little increment in efforts (input) brings you comparatively larger increments in score. Those fairly familiar with linear algebra would appreciate that derivative of score w.r.t. study bears larger value for lower values of study. So its better to put some (small :) ) critical value of effort and in turn get still better score, instead of simply running after maximum efficiency. Ultimately, you need to show high score right?

We therefore, differentiate (take derivative of score) with respect to input and plot the curve again. Remember, Maximum value of derivative is advisable.

So we need to have maxima of the function f=c1 (O) + c2(O/I) + c3 (dO/dI), and for this optima, O=85 %

All this has been written basically to justify my laziness. As they say in Marathi "आळश्याला त्रैलोक्याचे ज्ञान" which can be roughly translated as "a lazy person is a very knowledgeable person who in fact puts a great deal of efforts when it comes to stick to his laziness"।
(I forgot how I got to this number:( I remember there were some more number of terms in f, which shifted optima of above function from input=0 to the right... Agreed, maxima of f expressed above still lies at input=0, unless c2=0.)