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26 April 2009

काला बन्दर (my lyrical additions)

ok, first of all..... Listen to this song!
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Kala bandar is a reference to a hypocrite, secretive, sly dark side each one of us has... You might want to google for the lyrics, it will help you appreciate more... :)

And!!! Here my additions:

Hey, yes this song was already too long
Didn't think a minute n' this came along
was obvious, as i know him personally
he's there for ages, 'be there till eternity
I bet you've seen him, but... anyway...
keep droppin hints n' help him run away
Better not find him anywhere, anyhow
polymorphic: revered, devil, taboo and cow!

(Tune: आओ हम शीशा देखे):
सिंपलसा लाइफका मंत्रा,
ख़ुद जिंदा, दूसरा बकरा
बोटी खाखा के हम जिंदा,
और बचा वो बेचके धंदा
(Tune: घूँघट की गहराई में)
पैसों की इस "बारिश" में,
"भीगा" लाल खून है
छनक छनक है ऐसी उसकी
सन्नाटा कहाँ गुम है?
(चूस ले चूस ले लाइफ की भांग ले... दिल में भी झाक ले)

(Tune: आओ हम शीशा देखे):
खुदगर्ज बनके है जीना
मस्त रहके खाना-पीना
"बिल्ली" के पिच्छे भागे
"चूहे" से डरके जीना

(Tune: घूँघट की गहराई में)

ख़ुद से न डरके जागे
आयनोंसे क्यूँ है डरते?
मुह अब बंद करके सबका,
बंद है "शीशों की आंखें"
(चूस ले चूस ले लाइफ की भांग ले... दिल में भी झाक ले)

As for the song in Delhi 6, I didn't like this song much really when I heard it for the first time, in fact was badly disappointed by Rahaman's this piece of creativity.... but as usual is the case with Rahman's songs (slow poison as they say), I started loving it after accidentally listening it twice or thrice. As often is the case, I went into the lyrics after the music managed to haunt me, and lyrics have a deep meaning as you know now.... I hope you too will like this song, may be sometime soon...

Anyway, this was my very first attempt at writing a poetry/song in Hindi....oh yes.. and a rap too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)