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14 December 2015

शार्दुलविक्रीडितात 'ऊँची है बिल्डींग'चे रुपांतरण

Today, I was chatting with a friend over the internet, and we started talking about literature somehow... I suddenly remembered, it was around coincidentally this time of the last year, that I had come up with Marathi translation of the song 'Oonchi hai building, lift teri band hai' -in Shardulvikridita' Vrutta.

For the uninitiated, Vrutta is basically a form of Indian constrained writing in which author is required to obey certain rules -generally pertaining to number of letters each line can have, and the pattern consisting of long and short vowels.

For example, for 'Shardulvikridita',
1. Line consists of 19 letters
2. Long and short vowels follow following pattern
                 LLL, SSL - SLS, SSL | LLS, LLS. L
3. Duration of one long vowel is equal to two short vowels, so for beats probably, duration breakup would be -->
                  6-4 - 4-4 | 5-5-2
4. Examples:
                 A. या कुन्देन्दु- तुषारहार- धवला
                 B. रामो राजमणी: सदा विजयते
                 C. मंगलाष्टके
                 D. आम्ही कोण म्हणुनी


                 आहे उंच तुझी इमारत परी, ही बंद उद्वाहके
                 येण्याचे असले जरी ग मजला, यावे तरी मी कसे?
                 ये ना रे प्रिय साजणा लवकरी, ये बँडबाज्यासवे
                 साऱ्या आठवणी मनास छळती, आता तरी ये गडे


For the rare minority (महाभाग) knowing 'Vrutta', but not the song :P