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20 July 2009

Crappy song!

This is not a love song,
Not a song a family could sing along
No childs play, not even a rap,
Expect nothing but a whole lot crap!

Yeah u bastards, go ahead and laugh it off,
or turn ur back at me, or ask me to fuck off

You never cared a shit, n' now d world's gonna explode
why me pessimistic? well, seen a life running in safe mode?

We talk about democracy, and brag about justice
oh ya' expert in hypocracy, where's the fucking peace?

I don't understand whats exactly wrong with this world
I see everything's so perfect, n' yet there's blood!

"Just another preaching song" you say, n' ignore as you go
But i dont care abt this anymore, have told u already so!
Wanted to write something aggressive, somewhat abusive too, just for the heck of it, and managed to write all this with complete peace of mind last night. :) Yeah, believe me...! nothing went bad that day, n' even I don't know why I felt an urge to challenge myself to write something that would suit a rock genre, but I did it finally! :)

This is one of those instances where literally you drive yourself to an urge, so I won't be surprised to get bashing on quality/genre of this post। In essence, feel free to put your comments on this crappy song! :)


Anup said...

Wrote it even when you were in a perfectly peaceful mood...pretty interesting...I generally felt that inspiration for a poem comes from your surroundings and state of mind..but anywayI am not a poet, so wont know.Interesting style...not crappy for sure.

Makarand MK said...

First of all,liked the rhymes and yes the poem too!
As u hv mentioned d poem must hv come as a flow frm ur "inner" sense, so its good and different piece of art in its form!
But I wonder how could u write it in a peaceful mood! At least some rebellion thoughts must have been there!If not I can say u have become a POET!

sahdeV said...

Thanks! And as we discussed in chat, an abusive post like this was even more surprising to me! Good to know you don't find it crappy! hehe... :D


साधू संत येती ब्लोगा, तोची दिवाळी दसरा! आपण असं काही वाचलंत, कुठे फेडू हे पाप! :P :D

On a serious note, thanks for saying you liked it! And being their for 3yrs in the same class, you are well aware of my rebellion side by now, but I have to admit, its been subdued since my arrival in US! Thanks buddy, and happy blogging! :)

Jaswandi said...

way to go :)

changlya lokanni kitihi prayatn kela mi vait ahe... mi vait ahe mhanaycha tari nehemi jamatch asa nahi rao.. pan ata tu lihilays he mhantlyavar "sahiye boss"!

Neeraj Karnik said...

Amazing rap my friend!!!
Just one crib........you could have made it longer. I began to savor it
and it ended suddenly.
I am really amazed by how you could actually write a song which does not have a very strong theme. By theme I mean you don't really clarify are u upset with democracy? If yes then why so? Why are u pessimistic? etc. But then like you said, you just wanted to write an abusive rap!! I will have to learn this from you - blogging by sheer impulse - not every post can be backed by a well thought out stance or an amazing experience - sometimes u just post coz u badly want to do so.

sahdeV said...

Mi vaait ahe! (Beware!) :D

Thanks for your comments, but I beg to differ on one point. :)

"But then like you said, you just wanted to write an abusive rap!"
Yes, you can read this entire post like a rap, but that's not what my intention was when I wrote it. Like I said, I wanted to write something that would suit a song in rock genre! (strong voices, backed by aggressive drums, lots of screaming thrown in somewhere in between :D)

Btw, my first rap attempt is there in "kala bandar" post, (next on the page)!
Try to "listen" to that in continuation with Blaaze's voice! :D

Neeraj Karnik said...

Well Vedhas I am not really clear as to what a rap or a rock is. I thought your song was closer to a rap (the rhyme, the pace etc., and without doubt it was abusive) But since you know your intentions the best and if you think it suits the rock genre maybe it does.

Neeraj Karnik said...

Also when I said abusive, I meant it in a literal way - as in lots of expletives ('f' words et all).

sahdeV said...

hmm... You are right!

(In my comment, I implicitly meant "I might have failed in my attempt" Even this very line came to my mind as I was writing, but somehow forgot to put it after "screaming thrown in somewhere in between"). Aso, I would try composing some suitable tune for this, and then it will all be set! ;) :P

sahdeV said...

Btw Neeraj, have you observed one thing?! Its easier to write anything "supposedly poetic" in English, than that in Marathi. If you observe, many popular English songs are nothing, but simple sentences placed one after another! Its easier because of the language structure, most plurals end with "s" or "es", most words end with "ight","ture","est","ind","ive" and verbs tenses too: "ing","ed".

Point I am trying to make here is, I guess it takes extra bit of skill to get appropriate Marathi rhymes, without disrupting the flow +theme +words, and yet keep it artistic! नाहीतर मी जे लिहितो मराठीत ते ओढून ताणून आणलेलं वाटतं बरेचदा मलाच! अर्थपूर्ण आणि सुंदर मराठी काव्य मकरंद करू जाणे!

Neeraj Karnik said...

To be honest, I have never attempted to come up with a rhyme in Marathi. Ekda kahi vakya lihli hoti, Big B ani Gaud chya slam book madhe. People who saw what I had written laughed their heads off :)


This poem reflects good rock attitude! I liked especially third stanza! good rhyme! Are you going to compose it?

AJ said...

Superb ! ! !

It all seems so perfect and YET there is blood...


Saglach kaavya great ahe.

sahdeV said...

@Prasadeek: Sure I will, and upload it when I'm done with it... though not in very near future.
@AJ: Thank you!