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23 October 2010

New laptop :)

I just bought a new laptop a few weeks back, its good to see so many good features packaged for such a small price. Here goes one casual recording... :)

PS: You don't have to listen till the end ;)


Shriniket said...

Today's laptops do come super-packed with features.. Finally Lenovo or some other one?

P.S I did get, why you have written that dont listen till the end :)

sahdeV said...

Not possible to ship Zandu balm all across the world :D I will go broke too soon....!

Anup said...

Pretty well sung I should say.

Jaswandi said...

http://tinyurl.com/29nrg9t (kuchkatpana vatla asel.. tar kuchkatpanach ahe)

kay rav, itka changla gaat hotas tar purn aiknaarch naa..

sahdeV said...

@jaswandi: You are born ko.bra., what else can I expect? :D

sahdeV said...

"itka changla gaat hotas" :) Thank you thank you!!!