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01 December 2010

NDE (Near Death Experience)

Remember my post "NDE (near death experience) "??

Aah, you don't....!!! x-(

So, anyway here's that post:

And now.....

drums rolling...

....still rolling


HERE's the instrumental/karaoke version -my own composition!!!! :)


sahdeV said...

I just realized when I listen to this now, I get irritated and uncomfortable!
Its either because I was unsuccessful to put appealing song, or because I was successful to put the rightfully uncomforting emotions to the song.

sahdeV said...

Another reason could be that I don't enjoy trance genre as much, especially because echoes bring me headache. So not sure, what just happened, but I think its only a start, there's lot to learn! Even rahman's song these days hardly appeal to people at one go, and we know ARR is master at making slow poisons! :D