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23 August 2007

Understanding of the world around us! (and Theism)

My intution now tells me that its not only GRE exam.... everything that we see, touch, hear, smell, experience is telling us something..... essentially same set of facts, only that I do not have ability to decode everything.

Call this view as spiritual, but I don't find it confortable to see myself associated with an adjective "spiritual" because believe it or not, I feel the word has a negative connotation, and I am sure you don't agree with the last statement. I am not so comfortable with the word because of my strong disgust towards Sadhu babas, maulas or priests that act superior towards people around them and quite contradictorily state that no one is superior or inferior in front of god. Everything about them is self contradicting. They enjoy all the luxuries, indulge in all kinds of politics, earn enormous amount of money and ask followers to free themsleves from urge, hunger, anger. But why am I attacking spirituality? Actually speaking, I don't have anything against spirituality but its just that this word brings many such culprits (like Aniruddha baba, Mungle Maharaj, Vamanrao Pai and list goes on...) in my mind. I confess that I am unnecessarily mixing up 2 different isues here.

To be frank, as orthodox as most believers are and as blind as their faith is, one day I was a "blind" atheiest. I used to object to everything that has even hint of theism. But now, I have started realising that whatever is there in our religious texts or spiritual ones, really makes sense. It involves great amount of logic, study of nature and its laws and also moves on to draw inferences. It is a clearcut cause-result relationship that was presented. We find a common ground or foundation over which laws of any religion are based. But I guess, over a period of time, everything was intentionally made obscure, meanings were distorted by selfish, hypocritical people which has resulted in a chaos we see today. So, coming back to decoding, we need to filter out such 'noise signals' and then decode them. That might enhance our understanding of the world and utilise our sensory inputs more efficiently; read the first line if its not clear to you what I am talking about. Yes, I know what you are thinking... Right, I sound as confused as usual...

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मकरंद said...

A nice article
i have heard these or at least some of these points from you. but the article denotes the exact thought process!!
I think
"सगळे (सर्वसामान्य) लोक" एवढा विचार करत नाहीत. म्हणूनच लोक बाबांमागे धावतात.
जे विचार करू शकतात त्यांनी तो करावा जरूर !
शेवटी :
चित्ताने ऐका । बुद्धीने देखा ॥
अवधाने आलिंगन द्या रे ॥