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24 April 2008

PSP चा पेपर!

पेपर झाल्यावर आईला जो sms केला तो इथे टाइप करतो बस्स!!!!

"Totally out of syllabus paper... Paper hone ke baad we all were staring at one another and then burst into laugh... In fact, still laughing... Ved laglay."

(Btw, PSP म्हणजे Power System Protection!!! :O :D)


Jaswandi said...

majhi Pariksha sampali :D :D TukTuk!

All the best!

<--sahdeV-- said...

दुष्ट लोकांनो,जळवू नका असे! :)

Neeraj Karnik said...

I can't say much because I am as much dumbstruck as you are. I only remember the engineering anthem we learnt in first year:
'Fight fight never surrender.
After May there is December.
Where there is a will,
there is a way.
After December there is May!'