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06 October 2008

Random quote! (Plz don't plagiarize...)

28 Sep08, 11:00pm

Almost everybody on this earth must have thought atleast once that the world would have been a much better place, if everyone around had behaved the same way that as he/she does. But now, according to me, the world around us is at its best, only because... the way we are, and also because the way we are evolving, while we make cautious attempts to develop ourselves into a better human being. Unreasonable people here test our patience, injustice here demands for our courage, everything thats negative here (basically that sucks) can best be tackled by exploring something positive that is very much intrinsic to ourselves!

"जग सुंदर आहे"....

...आपण किमान ते तसेच तरी राहू द्यावे!


Neeraj Karnik said...

Hey I read your blog after almost 2 months. The quote is bang on target. This is you at your best- honest and 'in your face'

MAKARAND said...

really (don't take it otherwise i.e. don't split the word!!! :p)
keep short quote is not so short though!!