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14 January 2009

लहरी short quotes -Part7! (Do not plagiarise please!)

Surely, planning helps you in many ways... For instance, you atleast know what will not fall in place!
"घेतलेली वस्तू परत करणे ही घेणार्याची "जबाबदारी" असते,
गरजेस्तव एकदा घेणे ही "मजबूरी",
वरचेवर मागणे "लाचारी",
आणि न मागता घेणे "चोरी" असते!"
(One of the lines I had on my COEP hostel room :D, I was badly frustrated that day esp. with people in the neighboring room daily asking me for my toothpaste! LoL!!!! काय दिवस होते ते!!! :) Hostel life!!! ;) :D )
"When you have in hand something that has a blister that starts to peel off, you can't help fiddling with it"-Richard Fennyman
"And unfortunately, your heart is no exception!"-Vedhas Pandit
(You know what I mean... ..... Nostalgia!)
No तिळगूळ ??? Then No गोडवा! :P
About my blood group:
"Whatever be your blood group, but always..... B+ve!!!!" :)

-Vedhas Pandit


Julia Scissor said...

Quote #2: Extreme guffaw.

Julia Scissor said...

What's with the 'do not plagiarise' request in every post? It's another thing when someone passes off your work as theirs or borrows heavily from it. Otherwise when someone copies you, it is really a tribute to you! I'm flattered to witness people use my coinages in their blogs and day-to-day lives. I was amused to find that a haughty Narcissa given to patting her own back ever so often had ripped off lines from my Orkut profile onto hers. I'd say thanks for the compliment.

sahdeV said...

Point taken! Honestly, I never thought this way, but its a good point of view! :)

Btw, I'm not opposing use of my content ( or so called "creativity" :D). For me, plagiarizing is using the content without quoting original author's name... :) :P

Julia Scissor said...

Thank you. Here's a neater alternative to writing 'Do not plagiarise'.

You can find these on my sidebar:

Jaswandi said...

zala bahutek plagiarise.... barachashya T-shirts varun B+ve zalakat asata...

:P :D