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01 January 2009

लहरी short quotes -Part6! (Do not plagiarise please!)

Now here's the irony: Any action that is morally, ethically, logically appropriate -all at the same time, is hardly acceptable by the society and is termed as abnormal or is "out of standard norms"!!!
(Gtalk status approaching new year):
They say my homeland lags behind US by decades... Well, for some hours atleast, we will be an year ahead of them... yet again!!! :)
(Right after Las Vegas Trip):
“Vegas" back from Vedhas... What mistke Englidh??? I swear... m not drunk!
(Somebody asked me about my paycheck in gtalk :O)
असं म्हणतात की मुलीचं वय आणि पुरुषाचा पगार कधीच विचारू नये... कारण उलटा प्रश्न कोणी कधी विचारणारही नाही... Answer is known to everybody, practically zero in most cases! (मुलीचा पगार आणि पुरुषाचं वय) :)
(Heard the news about मेरा भारत giving some "serious" warnings to Pakistan and "demanding" deportation of Dawood after Mumbai bomb blasts):
दावूद आणि कंपनी तिथेच बरी... न जाणो त्यांना इथे आणायचे, ते जामिनावर सुटुन निवडणूक लढवून आपल्याच डोक्यावर बसायचे! X-(
(After getting grades for this semester):
जो मिल गया उसीको मुकद्दर समझ लिया, जो खो गया मैं उसको भुलाता चला गया...

-Vedhas Pandit

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