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06 April 2011

Braj style composition

Here's what a friend of mine wrote, her first attempt at poetry in Braj dilect:

आप रंग में रंग दी मोहे.. पियरवा.. आप प्रीत में रंग दी!

तुम बिन कछु सोहत नाही..
पलकों में निंदिया आवत नाही..
जागते भी सपन तोरे..
सोते नैनन में चैन नाही..
आप प्रीत में रंग दी पियरवा.. मोहे रंग दी..

रंग तिहारे कितने सलोने..
तुम बिन जग में अंधियारे..
रोशन कर दे मन को मोरे..
एक बार मोहे रंग दे..
आप रंग में रंग दे पियरवा.. मोहे रंग दे..

बिसरी जग को..
सूदबुद भूली..
एक तू ही बस याद आवे..
रंग जाऊ में तोरे रंग में..
और कुछ ना मोरा मनवा चाहे..
आप रंग में रंग दी पियरवा..मोहे रंग दी..

-Rujuta Phadke
And here goes my attempt at composing the same, instrumental version for now, let me know what you think...


chinmay said...

Nice blog...never seen your creative side. Braj?? It seems similar to Hindi. where is it spoken? How did u learn it

sahdeV said...

Nope, poetry was not my creativity. As said in the description, it is my friend rujuta who penned it down, I tried composing it (check that first audio file there). :)

So far as that dialect info goes, it is very much similar to hindi (loop up wiki for more), but I think sounds much sweeter, traditionally in use for literature narrating krishna's early days, raasleela etc. This Khamaj too I think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQm7-m0vqNk

Many times, songs that we "think" are Hindi(because they are in hindi serials/films and because we understand the meaning) use rather the local dialects. e.g. albela sajan aayo, kesariya baalam

Sorry, jastach badbad keli ka mi? ;)

Rishabh said...

Good job Vedhas....I liked the braj composition as well as Vande Mataram... Looking forward to the whole composition along with vocals...:)

AJ said...

वा ! छान जमलंय! मस्त... आवडली मला धुन. सही आहे. वंदे मातरम पण मस्त झालंय..

sahdeV said...

thanks Rishabh and Apurva! :)