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30 March 2008

लहरी short quotes! (Part2)

Disabilities are physiological, inabilities are rather psychological. Former ones are laid down by the nature, later ones are by the man himself. Irrespective of the end result, (i.e. whether one succeeds in overcoming those or not,) its a man who triumphs and NOT the nature!
The Truth is the infinite space, facts are mere dimensions... perspective is something that confines the whole scenario and distances get relative!
मला एक कळत नाही, लोकं "परत परत", "तीच तीच" गोष्ट "सारखी सारखी" "repeat" का करतात??? :D

-Vedhas Pandit

(I guess first one is not as obvious I thought as it would be, so this deserves a little explanation... What I meant was if a man succeeds in overcoming disabilities/inabilities there is no doubt who the winner. If he doesn't, it only means that he is restricted by himself and NOT by the nature, for the simple reason that he does have that potential to cross that so-called barrier!!! So its again a man who's "feelings", whether he can do something or not, rule!)


Jaswandi said...

मला एक कळत नाही, लोकं "परत परत", "तीच तीच" गोष्ट "सारखी सारखी" "repeat" का करतात??? :D

:D :D :D (oh mi parat parat 3da ':D' repeat kela ka? :P)

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