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19 March 2008

Journey so far.....

I have gone through following phases, as far as my "beliefs" are concerned.

In chronological order:

1: Theist:Hinduism

Hinduism, because of Gods and Goddesses from Hindu Mythology! I was taught Ramaraksha, Ganapati Stotra and many other shlokas. Like everyone else, I honestly believed in Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puranas, whatever I was told at that age.

2: Theist:No "ism" here!!!

I came to know about other religions and learnt that all the Gods are basically the same! Btw, remotely relevant is an excerpt from "An Autobiography" by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

3: Atheist

Logic and scientific studies demand proofs and logical derivations. But how can you prove existence of God? And even if divine power was to exist, if its beyond scope of our control, whats the point in following rituals? राग यायचा विशेषतः "पाप करे और गंगा नहाए" टाइप लोकांचा, धर्मवारून भांडणार्यांचा आणि बुवा लोकांचा.... हा असा राग तर अजूनही येतो!

4. Atheist:Hinduism

Personal experiences/ experiments/ reading/ discussions regarding Hinduism/sacred texts made me realize that I was being a blind atheist. I also learnt that atheism does have a place in Hinduism and also that most of the rituals do make sense!

5. Agnostic:Hinduism

If logical reasoning/ experiences stand for most of their(believer's) claims, I cannot possibly refute their remaining claims that I do not truly agree on as of today! There are possibilities: I might not have reached the required level of maturity, my senses might not be developed to an extent where I can grasp essence of their science(?). Better way: सरळ सांगणं "मला माहीत नाही!" :)

6. What Next???

The most appealing is the Hindu philosophy.
But the question remains unanswered... What is Next???

That..... even I do not know! Don't worry, I will keep you updated!!! :)


<--sahdeV-- said...

Hmmm... I might sound bit confused/indecisive here....

But thats not the case! I keep revising ideology and look for fallacies in my logical reasoning, if there are any. Its better than being stubborn, if not anything!!!!

Jaswandi said...

mi suddha hya confusions madhun, hya belief-shifts madhun gelye rather ajunhi jat asate!!

gharatla kattar RSS vatavaran.. ani baher collegemadhla cosmo-mix-sometimes null vatavaran.. khup confusion anata!

<--sahdeV-- said...

hmm... Nice to know someone is with me :)

Apan Brahman lokanna itaranpeksha kahisa jaasta vichar karanyaachi, goshitincha kis padat basanyaachi vichitra savay asate, asa aajkaal mazya lakshaat yaayla laglay :P

Julia Scissor said...

It is interesting to note from these comments that you are sure about your brahmin identity but not your religious one.

That's true about almost all my friends who are atheist/agnostic.
They are proud of belonging to their XYZ caste but maintain that they have no religion!

I agree the caste identity is more cultural than religious but technically speaking, it's an irony.

<--sahdeV-- said...

"Technically speaking its an irony"

Yes, Indeed!!! But i guess u got me wrong here as far as my views were concerned. I am not "proud" of caste or anything... Infact, in my view, its been "assigned" to me, the way "Hindu" as my religion has been assigned.

<--sahdeV-- said...

Pan kaay asta na, ki varshaanuvarsha pidhya je karat alya tyacha prabhaav mhana (jo genetic suddha asel), kinva sanskaraancha/raahanicha parinaam mhanaa, lokancha vagana tyanchya caste pramaane olakhu yeta...

e.g. Brahmins tend to think a lot as they were rewarded for that... or their literary,cultural contributions (rewards might not be only monetary, aajachya bhaaset "social status" suddha mhanu shakato). Vaishyas very well know how to deal with people...

<--sahdeV-- said...

Matra ha point bhaari hota baraka!
"I agree the caste identity is more cultural than religious but technically speaking, it's an irony."

Purely "dokebaaj"!!!! :P

Deep said...

hmmmm hya vishyaavar aaplyaashe ekda charcha karaaychee aahe :D :D

why how> as vichaar bindhaast ;)