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28 May 2008

हिंमत से जो कोई चले, धरती हिले कदमोंतले!!!

I have always been fearless...
....aggressive, and with full of guts!!!

I always did whatever I wanted to do, I chose to do. Physical strength or mob count has never succeeded in intimidating me, and I dared to challenge so-called bullies down there! There have been many instances where I rose up against the most dominating group around, or sometimes, I even backed somebody too lonely, trusting purely my instincts. And most of the times, (perhaps quite surprisingly) I won these battles.... be it open allegation against gender-biased teacher@school, our class-leader@ school, or physical fights I was involved in at engineering hostel.....

I might sound too pugnacious here, but trust me, in all these fights, the people with whom I fought (verbally/physically) were unreasonable to such an extent that it occurred to me later, that majority of the people around were unhappy with them as well, but nobody wanted to come forward openly. Like in case of that school teacher, who used to teach(?) us Hindi in 7th standard, almost all of the boys were unhappy. This was quite obvious, especially considering the 1stE to 7thE class score trend --that the "top 9" or sometimes, all the top 10 rank holders of class E were only boys, which was very much inconsistent to the 7th E Hindi score distribution! Those circumstances now sound very trivial (to me as well), but still, अन्याय हा अन्यायच असतो!

I won those petty battles, and every time I contemplated a little. It always made me realize that I was a mere pawn in the game. :| People talk to me about my straight-forwardness, perhaps because they know it kinda keeps me active, I get encouraged to rise again, and they get their work done. :D I Don't blame them for this, but in fact, I really appreciate their intelligence! (I am not talking about all the people, I know some of those comments are very genuine, without any objective/motive).

I understand all this, but nothing has changed ever since. I still continue to be the pawn and still continue to feel good every time I dominate the opponent "queen" or "the king". (Now who was saying, a pawn cannot bring home the victory?) Nevertheless, even while in battle, I never attack their pawns, as I really feel very sorry for them, but perhaps more than I feel sorry for myself. :)

As I said, I have always been fearless...
....aggressive, and with full of guts!!!

But deep down somewhere.... (well, not so deep :), but quite apparently), I get intimidated by the elderly people, especially with great hierarchical power. (Let me concede that even that 7th std teacher was no exception). I fancy--may be one day, I will upgrade myself to their level. Perhaps still higher level??? I will not be a pawn, not even "the king", but the "player" himself!!!

"मुझे जो सही लगता है वोह मैं करता हूँ...., वोह चाहे भगवान के ख़िलाफ़ हो, समाज के ख़िलाफ़ हो, पुलिस, क़ानून... या फ़िर पूरे system के ख़िलाफ़ क्यों न हो!!!" (Concluding quote source: Film "Sarkar")


MAKARAND said...

hey man
what made you write this article on your blog, MAN?.........?
well, this is a nice article and a NICE FLOW wrt THEME..
so mr sarkar or mr pawn ; be always aggresive like that ...
sometimes though i feel we cannot fight against the system (it is not as imp as our "kartavya") and have to be 'santusht' at wahtever we get.. bt in such circumstances ; we can get the future gens benefited by informing the authorities abt the loopholes in the system .
hows dat?

<--sahdeV-- said...

What made me write this??? Well... that day I met one of my childhood friends i.e. my classmate in school (who was then appointed as vargapramukh, soon after I rebelled against our vargapramukh:D ) So, what I was saying was मी हा सगळा प्रसंग विसरलो होतो, गप्पा मारता मारता त्या मित्राने हा प्रसंग मला आठवून दिला! "सगळेच जण नाखूश होते" म्हणे "पण तू काही तत्कालीक कारणामुळे पुढे अलास आणि मग बाईंना "जनता की राय" घ्यायला सांगितलीस... मग मी मॉनीटर झालो! तू विसरलास कसा एवढा मोठा प्रसंग? स्वत:च्या तेव्हा मॉनीटर होण्यामागे मी तर अजुनही तुझा सिंहाचा वाटा होता असं मानतो" Btw, ह्या पोस्ट साठी हा एक incident exception आहे, म्हणजे तो अधिचा मॉनिटर मुलगा खरं तर चांगला होता, माझ्या "न्याय-अन्याय" च्या फालतू मिजासखोरीमुळे भांडण झालं होतं इतकंच! :D

<--sahdeV-- said...

पण हे सगळं आता realize होतंय! असो... Believe me, आता काहीसा.... बराचसा शहाणा झालोय! वाद-विवाद कमी केलेत (अरे, खरंच!!! हसतोस काय?) ।

अत्ता एक वाक्य आठवलं मात्र!
RDB: जिंदगी जीने के दोही तरीक्के होते हैं... एक, जो हो रहा है हो, उसे होने दो। दूसरा ये की जिम्मेदारी लो, उसे बदलनेकी!

<--sahdeV-- said...

ए माणसा, तू कधी blog लिहायला सुरुवात करणार आहेस? वाट पाहतोय मी! :)

Deep said...