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21 February 2009

More focussed this week!!! :)

This week has been good so far :)

I had one exam this week -a 500 level course: Semiconductor Characterization! Exam went fine, I was well-prepared, had gone through previous year examination papers from seniors, spent quite a time in library/lab -NOT that I studied full time, time pass सुद्धा चालु होताच, पण nights मारल्या एक-दोन (ह्या वेळी exams मुळे :D) . बाकी मनाला लगाम घालून होतो/आहे and I'm talking about reminisces -nothing else! ;) :P :D

कारण एकच, गेल्या semester मधे लागलेली वाट! ताक फुंकून पिण्याचाच प्रकार हा काहीसा! I scored really bad in both my 1st midterms and did well for rest of the midterms and finals, but got B and B+. आणि कारण काय तर फक्त आळस आणि टाइमपास... मनाचे फार भावनिक लाड करत असतो आपण, नाही का?!!!

So hopefully, history won't repeat this time! पण एक phase अशी येते, ज्या phase मधे मी सध्या आहे... की स्कोर्स चा आपण विचार कमी करू लागतो! All you care about is how much you know, how much you understand. How much of this will I be able apply when I step into the industry tomorrow. आणि then even if your exam goes bad, well then -of course you DO feel disappointed, but then there is this good feeling in the background somewhere की वाह वाह, छान अभ्यास केला होता ह्या वेळी :)

खर्या अर्थाने खुश होण्याचं कारण म्हणजे productivity of this week, the way I managed my time. On 19th I had exam, on 18th I had a meeting with my MS advisor -so had to show him some thing about what I was working on, 17th was a due date for one lab project. Add to that preparation for the exam, and did I mention career fair on 18th Feb??? So some Resume preparations and all the related stuff! I managed everything, was up in Hayden library whole of 17th night, came to my RA lab in the morning, slept for some 3-4 hours and attended both the lectures that day. And all these days, I have seen myself playing my keyboard/flute/harmonica more than ever (well, ever in US so far! भारतात तासन् तास जायचे असे) and there were some bits of Badminton/treadmill/yoga -although might not be that significant! :) It was possible to bunk some things or postponing -for example attending lectures on 17th, but I'm feeling great that I managed all. May not be a big deal, i know... but its just that I'm feeling more focused now! :)

मग सोमवार ऐवजी शुक्रवारी कुकिंग केलं ह्या आठवड्यात! (I'm fortunate to have supportive Apt-mates after all :) ) सोपीच होती म्हणा भाजी (कोबी होती), पण स्वत:सोबत इतरांकरता सुद्धा करायची म्हटली की मी बराच conscious होतो ह्या वेळी काहीविचारता/बिचकता जमली ह्यासाठी थोडासा खुश झालो!

hehe... आता मी हे वरचं सगळं वाचतोय तर ते लोकप्रभा सारख्या अंकातलं article वाटतंय! मन मोकळं करतोय इतकंच बाकी काही नाही! तेच ते one of the "भावनिक लाड":D

Oh and here are few links I came across this week, I would recommend you reading :)

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(आणि हो हे पोस्ट लिहित असतांना एक मैत्रीण ऑनलाइन होती, जी योगायोगाने माझे आधीचे पोस्ट्स वाचत होती! it feels good to know that people are reading what you write and more than that... they like it! But I still wonder why do people prefer to tell me this in chats or in one-to-one conversation -but never put their comments on the blog! I feel good anyway, but its just that comments on the blog remain there forever, so its an opportunity for you to leave your mark permanent on my blog. डायलोग मारायचा झाला तर "all you have walked into my life and have made some special imprints forever -one way or the other... its just matter of putting it in small scale here. Your comments are valuable as much as you are!!! " :)

2:50 am, Feb21st, 2009


aabha said...

Well Well.... Vedhas is now focussed..
U express so well.aani dont worry u'll improve in comming xams!its not APED any more!!! Rite???
Itake kam eksobat kele ki asa watata aapan jara ajun karava..
So dont over exert. aani ur correct.it really gives a feel dat im reading Lokprabha.. :)

Jaswandi said...

Bhavanik Laad shabd awadala :)

( chal ata mala pan comment de blog war :D )

Julia Scissor said...

Kharech aahe. A lot of people lurk around even on my blog but they don't leave comments. Comments milalyavar kharech chaan vatate. Mhanun mee post vachli ki comment taktech.

Makarand MK said...

हं , बापरे!! किती काम हे!!
काय रे तुला teaching assistantship नसते का रे? आणि RA LAB म्हणजे काय? बाकी कधी कधी खरच असं वाटतं की समजण जास्त महत्त्वाच आहे.पण माझं एक मत आहे:परीक्षा आणि समजण म्हणजे एकच नाही. These are 2 sets which DO HAVE A UNION AND AN INTERSECTION. So during exams one has to get into set(doamin) of exam, kay?

बाकी तुझं वाचून माझा आळस दूर झालाय हे खरं

Deep said...

Hehehe well I'll write a 1st comment on ur blog! I like the way u erote :D

भावनिक लाड":D :D